Given the dispersed, international nature of our business, operating as we do in six cities across two countries, plus to mark the 10-year anniversary of the company, we decided to bring all of our charitable efforts together under one roof. Introducing – The State of Play Foundation. 

The Foundation is an umbrella organisation to stimulate ideas and create momentum for projects to ensure State of Play is a passionate and positive force within its local communities.

Foundation Mission

To improve the quality of life for disadvantaged young people in the communities in which we operate.

Foundation Goals

  • Create a strong sense of purpose across the business by harnessing our creativity and passion for hospitality for the benefit of young people in our communities
  • Raise money and awareness for causes which support the mental and physical well-being of young people
  • Bring joy to disadvantaged young people and their families by giving them the chance to experience our concepts free of charge
  • Mobilise our teams across the world to engage in projects which will improve the lives of young people less fortunate than ourselves

Find out more about our charitable events & partners here.