We recognise the urgency here. At State of Play we’ve had the basics in place for a long time, but that’s not enough.

In 2022 we launched Play with Purpose, a programme to slow the harmful impact of our carbon footprint and promote regeneration. 

Internally we have established cross functional Green Committees in both the US and UK to lead the charge with our environmental agenda. The first, crucial step of calculating our carbon footprint in both countries is nearly complete and efforts are now being directed towards developing and implementing short term wins and longer term plans. 

To help us on our journey to net zero we’ve joined Zero Carbon Forum, a UK based non-profit, which was established to support the hospitality industry’s efforts to reduce its footprint. 

In line with Zero Carbon Forum’s goals, we have committed to achieving net zero by reducing, then eliminating unavoidable emissions from our direct operations by 2030 and throughout our supply chains by 2040.

This is where we have got to on our journey to net zero:​

UK : Updated Q1 2023

Already achieved: 

  • We have calculated our carbon footprint and will continue to measure it annually
  • We use REGO (Renewable Energies Guarantee of Origin) backed renewable energy
  • Zero use of gas 
  • Our venue teams receive weekly energy reports to drive continuous improvement
  • We apply ‘Save while you sleep’ principles and shut off all equipment and lighting overnight


Plan for 2023 

  1. Switching all our lightbulbs to more energy efficient LEDs 
  2. Working on our operational practices to reduce electricity & water consumption
  3. Improving our recycling segregation, particularly with food waste
  4. Reducing our supplier roster to cut down on transportation impact

US : Updated Q1 2023

Already achieved:

  • Well progressed in measuring our carbon footprint baseline which we will continue to measure annually
  • All venues use LED lightbulbs


Plan for 2023

  1. The US Green Committee will drive awareness and engagement of our carbon reduction  agenda throughout the business
  2. Continue to improve our recycling segregation, building on the progress already made with cardboard and food waste